It may be hard to imagine but the first video tape recorder was used in 1951. It took live images from television and saved them on magnetic video tape. The industry and the world has come a long way since 1951 and videos are capturing a large share of the Internet market. Many people would like a share of the video market including businesses.

Videos are made on any topic one can think of and many are placed on YouTube. Everyone is hoping for the next big hit! In the business arena, videos are also playing a huge role. YouTube is owned by Google which means videos could probably help with your website’s SEO. YouTube may not be a search engine but if it was it would be the second largest, so why not put your business on the Tube? Deductive reasoning would say that Google owns YouTube so any video on YouTube would get higher rankings and more searches. That alone should make a business want to add videos to their website. Using videos on a business website can give your readers a more personal connection with you and your business. Being able to not only see you but hear what you have to say leads to a certain comfort level.

Another reason for videos is some readers would rather see and hear information instead of reading it. Others like a combination of text and video. Videos can be used in various ways. For instance: To describe how a product works or how it should be installed. To introduce the business and what is offered. To launch a new product or service. To highlight an employee or department. Video conferencing is an excellent way to stay in contact with customers. Learn what your customers are interested in or what problems could be solved.

Sharing this type information is a win-win. The sharing of videos is effortless and can easily be shared within the social media arena. Sharing is easy through twitter, on blogs, and Facebook, to name a few. The more readers that click on the video and then share, it will help to increase the benefits to your SEO. Just having a video is not enough. The videos themselves need to be optimized using business specific keywords. Like your website, videos must be informative, entertaining, and real. The video’s theme or focus must tie into your company in some manner.

If you sell sunhats, you could have a video from a sporting event as long as your hats are prominently displayed and discussed. Explain and show how using your product makes attending the event more enjoyable. Remember, if you want your video shared and your rating increased, the video must offer something.

Sure you see many cute and entertaining videos on YouTube being shared, but you need more than cute and entertaining. Your video needs to make viewers remember your company and what you are selling. Look at videos as one more tool in your arsenal. Use this tool along with your others to build business recognition and loyalty.

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